Service Kit S55 - Gold

Service Kit S55 - Gold

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Please make sure to include your VIN number in the order so we can deliver the correct filters for your model of car.


This kit will contain everything that is needed for a good service on your F8X-series S55 powered BMW.

For an oil change you need 6.5 liters of oil, we'll provide you with 7 liters. This can either be in a bottle of 5 liter and 2 bottles of 1 liters or be 7 bottles of 1 liter, it depends on our current stock.

Also coming in this kit is a variety of filters from Mann to replace all your old filters and spark plugs of choice.

Kit contents:

  • 7 liters of Castrol Edge M with viscosity of choice
  • 1x Mann oil filter with all gaskets
  • 1x Mann interior filter
  • 1x Mann air intake filter
  • 6x NGK 97506 spark plugs