Mosselman S58 Upgrade Turbocharger set MSL75-90

Mosselman S58 Upgrade Turbocharger set MSL75-90

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  • Performance up to 950 hp*
  • Based on a NEW MHI Turbocharger
  • Flow optimized custom intakes
  • Plug and Play installation
  • Extremely low core charge

*Depending on modifications and fuel type.

Core charge: 

The core charge is a mandatory deposit when buying a Mosselman turbo upgrade. After you received the upgraded turbo, you have the option to send your old turbo back to us. We will refund the core charge if the original turbo is still in a good and usable shape. Or you can keep your old turbo! That allows you to bring the car back to its original state when needed, or sell it locally for a better price.