Eventuri carbon intake system suitable for F5x Cooper S / JCW Mini

Eventuri carbon intake system suitable for F5x Cooper S / JCW Mini

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The F56 MINI Eventuri intake system is another example of our “complete system” principle.
It is a closed system that ensures that the turbo does not suck in hot air from the engine compartment, but is enriched with a functional hood scoop that pushes ambient air into the intake duct. This duct has a larger internal volume than the stock version and also draws air from the storage space above the radiator. The combination of a closed system with an air scoop results in lower intake temperatures than the stock airbox and prevents heat from entering, which is a common problem especially on higher performance MINIs. To ensure the most consistent flow possible, we use our patented filter housing in conjunction with a CNC machined MAF tube to ensure the most consistent flow to the turbo. The OEM intake system draws in the air behind the front grille, above the radiator. The openings for the intake of ambient air are relatively small and can therefore lead to a build-up of heat in the intake, especially with a tuned Mini. The OEM hood scoop does not supply air directly to the intake tract and since the hood already has 2 recesses under the scoop, we decided to take advantage of this feature and redevelop the scoop. Our shovel is a direct replacement of the OEM part and snaps into place using the same attachment method. It has 2 inlet ramps that direct the outside air through the existing cutouts on the hood into the inlet duct (see below). As the vehicle accelerates, more air is forced into the duct, reducing inlet temperatures to a minimum and avoiding the problem of heat entry. The scoop has a redesigned profile with a longer top to cover the openings, which also provides a provides a more aggressive look. Made from 100% prepreg carbon fiber, the shovel offers incredible aesthetics to the vehicle. To improve the aesthetics even further, we used a V-shaped split weave with the carbon to create a symmetrical profile that works well and the scoop sits in the middle of the hood.

Carbon Intake Duct:
The OEM duct only takes in air behind the front grill and is very flat over the slamp panel. We redesigned the duct to allow air in from the grill and also from the scoop. Additionally, our duct has a much larger internal volume, allowing the intake system to breathe with fewer restrictions. To protect against the heat of the engine compartment, the duct is provided with a flexible rubber ring around the openings on the underside of the hood, which is flush with the hood when closed. It also features a stretchy rubber edge around the opening to the filter housing, ensuring a good seal to the filter and allowing movement with the motor.

Performance Data:
Dyno testing was conducted on both a Cooper S and a JCW. The Cooper S had a Stage 1 remap for the stock airbox and Eventuri. The JCW had a conversion and a stage 2 downpipe for the stock airbox and Eventuri. The Cooper S showed peak gains of about 8hp and 11ft-lb of torque, but higher average gains of 15hp and 25ft-lb of torque with good gain through the rev range. Similarly, the Stage 2 JCW saw peak gains of 15 hp, but much higher mid-range gains of 27 hp and 26 ft-lb of torque, with very good power gains throughout the rev range. These performance gains were measured after only changing the stock air box for the Eventuri intake - all other changes were present for both the stock air box and the Eventuri intake.

The gains measured on the dyno translate into increased part-throttle and full-throttle behavior on the road, with the car pulling to the redline much more eagerly. Tests were conducted back-to-back on the same day and temperatures were monitored.