Dorch B58 Stage 1 HPFP Upgrade

Dorch B58 Stage 1 HPFP Upgrade

Dorch Engineering
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The table below serves as a reference for maximum fuel flow in cubic centimeters per camshaft revolution for various B58 fuel pump options. These calculations are based on the B58 cam lobe. Each engine will have varying fuel flow capacities depending on the lift and number of lobes on the camshaft.

Pump Model Fuel Flow (cc/rev)
HDP5 Evo (Stock B58) .954
HDP6 (Stock B58TU) 1.178
Dorch Engineering Stage 1 1.299
Dorch Engineering Stage 2 1.558

Kit Contents:

  • HPFP w/ Hardware
  • High Pressure Line
  • Quick Connect Low Pressure Line
  • Low Pressure Line Bracket
  • Plug-n-Play Adapter Harness

Kit Fitment:

  • F20 – 140i, 140xi
  • F21 – 140i, 140xi
  • F22 – 240i, 240xi
  • F30 – 340i, 340xi
  • F31 – 340i, 340xi
  • F32 – 440i, 440xi

NOTE: If you have a B58 equipped vehicle that is not listed, please contact for fitment information.